Best Ways To Flat iron Natural Hair

Using a flat iron for natural hairs or using any other product to straighten the natural hair is one of the attention-grabbing tasks that require full attention. It is because any wrong conduct may cause leading damage to hairs. Although it’s straightforward to straighten your hairs, which are curly, short, long, thick, and thin, doing them straighten without any damage is the actual work. Here in this article, we will provide some important and healthy tips for hairs to straighten them without any little damage to hairs.

So, are you curious about your hairs and to straighten them? Good, let’s know step by step without waiting for more.

5 Step Guide To Flat Iron Natural Hair

Here is a concise and step by step guide to use a flat iron and straighten the hairs using a flat iron without heat damage. Follow these steps if you need to straighten your hair. 

1. Wash Your Hairs

The first and most important step is to prepare your hair. Most people make a mistake, which then directly uses the flat iron without knowing how to use the actual importance of flat iron, which is a dead wrong process.

how to flat iron natural hair

It’s the reason that we provide you step by step guide, and the most important steps of these are to prepare your hairs. The first step is washing your hair with a quality based shampoo. It’s because after removing dirt and dandruff, it’s straightforward to use a flat iron. You can also use a heat protectant for this purpose.

2. Using Hair Conditioner

To use a hair conditioner is the second important step, which helps to remove moisture in hairs, and the ultimate purpose is to avoid heat damage to hairs using an iron.

However, you can use it daily after washing your hairs because of its importance to hairs. For deciding which hair conditioner is best for your hairs visit

3. Use a Heat Protectant

Using a heat protectant is another important and attentive step to use. for this, you can use a heat ceramic flat iron or any other product you used in your daily routine.

4. Apply Flat Iron Smoothly

The next step is to use the flat iron according to your hairs and their types. Please do not go into the rush, but it’s down and peacefully apply a flat iron slowly and gradually on all hairs. The best practice is to use a flat iron holding some hairs and wrapping others. Again hold those remaining hairs gradually and apply them gently. Do not wrap those hairs once they are straightened.

5. Wrap Hairs at Night

The best practice is to wrap your hairs at night if you use a flat iron weekly or daily to produce better results. It will create a smooth appearance to hairs as hairs may cause a loss to straighten quality. It’s actually a hair protectant technique.

Things to Keep in Mind While Using A Flat Iron

Here are some important points to keep in mind while using the best flat iron so that you are avoided by the confusion you have in your mind. These areas following:

Things to keep in mind while using flat iron
  • Adjust Temperature

Keep in mind to adjust the temperature according to your hair type. As we already mentioned that curly and thick hair requires more temperature as compare to thin hairs. It’s the reason for adjusting temperature; it will create a smooth texture to hairs providing hair shining. Do not use a temperature of more than 450 degrees.

  • Avoid Oil before Using a Flat Iron

The next point does not use oil before applying a flat iron; it will cause heavy damage to your hairs and will create resistance to your natural and beautiful hairs. It can also lead to heat damage to hairs while applying the flat iron.

  • Hold Small Section

Always iron small sections to hairs using a flat iron. Do not go into the rush and hold all hairs at once and apply the iron. But hold a small section and use flat iron from roots to their end for 100% better results.

Final Verdicts

The above steps and tips are according to my personal experience, and these are providing just awesome results to the natural hairs. If you are searching for using a flat iron on your natural hairs, follow the steps and guidelines to avoid any resistance while straightening your hairs. Keep in mind that flat ironing always tries its best to provide awesome and personal based experiences. However, if you have any confusion, feels free to ask any time. We are always here to appreciate your queries. We are always here to appreciate your queries and answering them accordingly.

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